Laughing At The Pain Of Dental School

Did you (or better yet, DO you) go to dental school?  Do you enjoy a good laugh?  Are you free for the next hour?

If yes, I invite you to check out one of my new-found favorite dental sites, #WHATSHOULDWECALLDENTAL.  With nearly 120,000 hits, this popular webpage hosts a collection of video clips representing the many shared experiences of today’s dental student  (and probably yesterday’s, too!)

Check it out, along with, and keep your eyes peeled for a few of my favorites:

 Instructor Says:  This Slide Will Be On The Exam
Classmate Says They Ace’d A Test They Originally Thought They Failed
When Your Boards Patient No-Shows On You
Powerpoint Lecture Is Only Pictures
Instructor When You Ask Them To Look At Your Work After 5pm
How I Get CR
When The Professor Says The Class In Mandatory But Then Adds That There Won’t Be A Sign-In Sheet

And for even more laughs, have a look at more dental humor on Excursives and dental student memes at QuickMeme.

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