Is a Dental Blog a Marketing Requirement?

dental blogIn the busy day of a private practice dentist, it can be challenging to find the extra time for marketing efforts–especially ones that require some creative thinking and authorship!  With limited time and energy available, we want to know what marketing efforts are effective, and what is a waste of time.  Blogging has taken center stage as a marketing technique for the practice…but is it a “requirement”, or just a nice idea?  Here’s the argument in favor of blogging from someone who knows the world of blogs best!

Excursives welcomes guest blogger Adam Wagner.  Adam is an SEO expert in southern California who specializes in helping small businesses increase their web visibility and grow their clientele.  Below, Adam offers his views on the importance of blogging for a dental practice.

Many dentists have begun to explore blogging or providing some sort of regular content on their office websites. However, blogging is often time consuming and taxing on resources. The need to generate engaging content on a consistent basis can easily become a burden. Despite the barriers to blogging this medium can be an incredibly useful tool for gaining new patients. Here are 4 compelling reasons why you should make a commitment to blogging.

1) Search Visibility

Search Engines love fresh content and favor websites that regularly provide new content to index. By blogging on at least a weekly basis you are showing Google that your website is relevant and useful to searchers. Google will generally provide better rankings to websites with fresh content.

2) Social Media Content

If you are blogging then I know you have a Facebook and Twitter, which can be just as difficult to keep fresh. However, by creating engaging content for your blog you are also developing great content for your Social Media outlets. Repurpose your blog content for these other mediums. If you are writing a 300-500 word blog post you can trim that down into a Facebook post with a compelling image and a Tweet that is a 140 character article teaser.

Remember to be creative and do not simply post a link back to your blog. Pull out a catchy quote or statistic that was used in the blog post and make sure your Social Media content can stand out from the rest of the noise.

3) Entry Points

Blogging dramatically increases your online visibility by creating a large volume of new entry points to your website and more traffic means more leads and potential patients. Blogs create an increased potential for traffic from long tail search terms. These are terms that are 4 words or more and they are very difficult to predict through traditional SEO keyword research strategies. However, by blogging about content that is relevant to your service offerings or the field of dentistry then you will by default be creating content that is perfect for attracting long tail search terms.

One of my clients is a cosmetic dentist in San Diego and he often asks his patients how they found him and one of the most common answers is Google (No surprise there!). However, a large percentage of these new patients did not use a general term such as “San Diego Dentist”, many found him through terms like “dentist in San Diego for fast braces”. This is an example of a term that is difficult to predict, but simply by blogging on similar subjects his website was appearing very high in Google for these long tail search terms.

What aspects do you want to put on display?

4) Trust

Lastly, once you bring users to your website the blog can act as a tool for building trust and showcasing your expertise. Often your website and review sites like Yelp are all that a potential patient has to get to know you by. You want them to quickly feel that they would be in good hands in your office. Blogging is a way to show them that you are passionate and knowledgeable. A good blog will work as a conversion tool that tips the scales in your favor as dental care seekers try and find the perfect dentist for them.

There are many great digital marketing techniques that are available, but blogging should be a foundational part of any dental marketing strategy. In a follow-up blog post I will make sure and discuss what type of content you should be populating your blog with. I hope this post helped reinvigorate your desire to blog, and I know it will help you gain new patients.

The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of “Excursives”.
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12 responses to “Is a Dental Blog a Marketing Requirement?

  1. Great points Adam! A blog really is essential in showing us (patients) you (dentists) know how to communicate, educate, and you run an engaging up to date friendly practice; one that remains an available but unobtrusive partner in people’s overall health and wellness.

    As Adam illustrated, along with your website a blog furthers the digital conversation. Informative engaging dental blogs act as a fresh relevant content engine that Google can grab onto and showcase throughout the digital ecosystem.

    Dr. Georgaklis looks like a perfect model…Love the Kenny Linseman and Chelios pics on the website too!

  2. Great post. I think dental blogging definitely helps the patients to make an informed decision about the treatment and bridge the gap between dentists and patients.

    After working with many dentists I have seen that the problems dentist face is about the content that should be put on the blog. Some dentists write it in a technical language that is difficult to understand and other times they seem to suffer from the writer’s block so they are not sure what to write.

    I very much agree with the point you have made above,

  3. I agree that getting into social media will help a dental surgeon to let the people know that his/her dental practice exist. Also, this will help to connect to their prospective patients. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Hello Ryan, first time here and love all the info. Yes I agree with you, a blog is a must for any business. In fact I found your blog searching for dental blog, so there is your answer. You are found for many “long tail keywords” that bring new business to your dental business which in turn brings more profit and such.

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