A Paperless 2013?


evernote5-ios[1]This year, I finally did it…I decided on the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i and am going to make the leap to paperless!  Using ScanSnap and Evernote Premium, I have begun scanning my filing cabinet.  Now, my files are a searchable PDF database stored on the cloud.

In a world of excess, the simplicity and ease of use of this system is very appealing.  Staying organized in a instantaneous, fast-paced world with the personal and professional demands of life doesn’t feel realistic without some secret weapons for automation and data-mining.  I’ve considered other ways to get things in order (including adoption of Getting Things Done)…this approach seems to be the best of all worlds.


Leaving the analog world can be a daunting task, and I don’t claim I’ll be capable to doing it completely.  Of course, I still need to house important original documents and things that don’t lend themselves to scanning with ScanSnap.  By and large, most paper will now go to the recycling bin or a “just-in-case” box that gets put in a closet somewhere.

For capture on the go, I find the CamScanner app for iPhone does a pretty nice job!  I’m willing to put up with a bottom corner watermark in exchange for a free app that captures, converts to PDF or JPG, and pushes any picture I take into Evernote.

Can’t wait to have all the info and none of the clutter at the touch of a button!


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